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Project Hell

We’re cramming. Been a bit of a flashback to University days. Always something to do. Never enough time. I sometimes have trouble keeping track of all the projects I’m working on. Is that weird? There’s the new startup. Then the Boler renovation. Keeping consulting clients happy with zero billable hours. The project of life; digitizing all of our documents, taxes, health & just general life (read seeing friends & family). Finally, the boat project; Figuring out logistics & (how to avoid) taxes, duties in Florida. It’s all not sustainable in the long run. Short term yes. Definitely yes. There’s a big fat reward at the end.

Went to a fabric store today. Interesting vibe. Run by (sweet) older ladies. After poking around aimlessly for a bit, I went up to one and asked her a question. She replied directly to Ashley. A bit later, I asked a different lady a question. Something about the type of fabric. Again, she starts having an in-depth conversation with Ashley. Odd I thought. I don’t exist. I wasn’t offended. Just odd. If you’re a male and want to hide, go to a fabric store. You’re invisible. I promise.

Later in the day we went to another fabric store. This time two dudes running the joint. No ladies, just pure testosterone. One dude was sewing some placemats. Really cute pattern! I was smitten with his choice of cloth. The other guy was organizing some yarn or something. Got me thinking. There must be some unwritten rule about hiring either all male or female staff for fabric stores. I wonder what would happen if you mixed the two? Riot?

In other news, we had our first Boler party. I won’t mention anything about Ashley’s state the next day. Actually, I will! She was severely under the weather. A card I will keep in my back pocket. Or not. I think I may have already pre-played that card 10 times over. Anyways, it was nice to see Ashley hungover. A change of roles to freshen the marriage is always welcome.









I’m smiling. Can you tell?






March 12, 2015

Really love your writing Ben — keep it up!


    March 31, 2015

    Thanks Adam. Feels like I’m slowly starting to find my voice. Takes a loong time.


March 4, 2015

love love love the reds


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