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A Puerto Rican Interlude

Quickly we realized that Ben needed a car for the gathering of engine parts while living in Fajardo. What we didn’t realize was that Puerto Rico was one of those places where people drive however they want. Ben pulled out his race car driver mode as he navigated around half of Puerto Rico in preparation of re-lapping both clutch cones on both engines. Signalling was a lost art. Passing on the right to turn left is the norm. Making three lanes out of two, expected. Driving on the shoulder, a given. I think he enjoyed it and joined right in.


Friday night or maybe it was late into the wee hours of Saturday morning we were finally able to celebrate success! The engines were back together and working and the cushions were 99% done. Good enough. We wanted to briefly see this beautiful place.


Saturday Morning we were off for a walk in the jungle of Puerto Rico at El Yunque National Park. We decided to conquer the peak and spent the better part of the day traipsing through the forest uphill. No monkeys… well aside from my beautiful moustache clad man. The views and scenery were outstanding. As the clouds closed in around us we took off for the second part of our adventure, a night in Old San Juan. From Salsa dancing and mojitos to delicious puerto rican food. We had a blast. On Easter Sunday we meandered around the town. Finally stumbling onto the field at El Morro. The vista was surreal. It blew us away. What a place and such a fine way to spend a day or part of it.


Reality hit us quick and we were back to the boat to clean and prepare for our very first visitors of the season. Carley and Shaun arrived safely and with them a ton of precious little treats, chocolate and cheese from back home. So special! With the cheese stowed, we were off to the Spanish Virgin Islands to resume the fun parts of our adventure.


El Yunque

san_juan_ - 3

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 san_juan_ - 10


The wind felt amazing as we reached the top.
san_juan_ - 11

san_juan_ - 12

san_juan_ - 13


san_juan_ - 16


Then we were off to Old San Juan

san_juan_ - 44

san_juan_ - 17

Old and new.

san_juan_ - 18

san_juan_ - 19

san_juan_ - 22

san_juan_ - 23

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san_juan_ - 39



san_juan_ - 40

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Made It!! With bags and all!

san_juan_xx - 1


February 7, 2019

Love the pics,,,, !!!!


Will McInnes
May 5, 2016

Loving all of the pics and stories!


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