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Q&A – How Much Does It Cost to Sail Around The World?




June 8, 2019

Hi, I’ve been watching your journey and I enjoy it. And there is something I can give back. It is a tip concerning your herb garden. By now you will have noticed that it didn’t turn out they way you probably hoped. The reason is, that the “dirt tartes” are coco pellets and they have no nutrients. If you want to grow some greens look for shoots of big seeds, like pea or sunflower shoots. They don’t need too much energy from soil, because they have a lot of energy stored in the seed. There are many videos on Youtube to show you how to do it.

Fair winds and a handful of water under your keel and the best wishes from Austria.


March 17, 2019

How have you gotten around the Canadian regulations of time spent out of the country?


March 11, 2019

Q: Are you saying the 30k is on top of your 20% maintenance? So, 130k ish a year would be a reasonable estimate for cost of sailing on a 500k boat?


Mark Wauters
March 2, 2019

Can you help me understand your comments about getting a HELOC for your boat financing? I know what a HELOC is and you said just pay the interest only. We have plenty of equity in our home and plan on purchasing a boat in 2-3 years.


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