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Raw Deal

I just spent about 10 hours playing with poopy toilet bits. Rebuilt the macerator (that thing that chops your feces before letting them swim free in the big blue ocean). That didn’t work. The flushing power was not satisfactory. Too little flow. So I Played some more with my feces-covered tools. Read “play” as cussing, dripping in sweat, miserable as can be. Didn’t work. So I rebuilt the already “rebuilt” poo chopper-upper. Success!

In the end I only went thru about 50 disposable gloves. Only 4 trips up and down the malahat (where the boat is moored). And recited the entire cussing dictionary. I’d post some pictures but they’re kinda shitty.

We’re off tomorrow to desolation sound. Fingers crossed (or legs crossed) since this hasn’t actually been tested with “solid matter”. Ashley gets to go first. Hehe. I’ll make sure I’ll be out for a multi-hour tour of the anchorage. I wish you the best of luck Ash! God bless you.

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