Live Your Dream. Sail around the world.


Preparing for this trip is a massive pain in the ass. Huge PITA. Selling all of your belongings sucks. Not only is there a lot of stuff to sort thru, but you have to deal with buyers. You have to haggle. You have to deal with shitty people that don’t show up, want to talk dribble for hours or play games when it comes to negotiations. It’s generally annoying. But the interesting part in talking to all of these people is watching their reactions when you tell them “We’re selling everything and sailing around the World.” Some of the responses we’ve received so far have been varied to say the least.


You’re Crazy

I’ve only received a few that are actually serious and don’t mean it in a joking sense. Typically I  just meet them with a quiet smile and let them have their reaction. Sometimes we get the “You’re crazy, but I am so excited for you” and we love these. Yeah, we’re probably a bit eccentric.


That is Amazing!

This is the most frequent reaction. I would estimate 80% of the people I encounter are stoked on our plans. They seem inspired and it is so easy to strike up a fun conversation with these folks. They tell you about similar dreams they’ve had but not fulfilled or, have fulfilled and are nothing but supportive as it has changed the direction of their lives for the better.



Occasionally we get silence, a blank stare or no comment. It can be awkward over the phone as I had yesterday; “Why are you selling your motorbike?” “Because we’re going to sail around the world.” “Ok.” followed by nothing. Alright, let’s move right along then and talk about the most recent oil change.



Cautious optimism is another common one. They’re not sure how or why you would want to do such a thing but are intrigued nonetheless. They couldn’t ever imagine doing something similar because it’s scary as hell to them. Understandable.


The Questioner

We get a lot of these. Tons. These can be fun. Some of the biggest questions are:

1. How? Which possibly just translates into “How do you have the funds to do this?”

No, we’re not rich. We’re like every other Joe. We don’t have a nest egg. There is no retirement fund. We bought into our house 6 months prior to the crash and it has appreciated ever so slightly mostly because we put a ton of sweat equity into it.

2. Have you sailed before?

Yes, lots. We taught sailing during University. Best job ever by the way; Place little children in small sailboats and then proceed to command them around using a sequence of whistle signals. Obtain a suntan in the process and goof around in motorboats with other instructors. Awesomeness. But back to sailing. No, we don’t have offshore experience. We do not know how to navigate using a sextant and are sort of planning on learning as we go. What could possibly go wrong?

3. What is your route?

Around the world. Or as far as we can get. We really don’t have much more detail than that. Sailors plans are typically written in sand at low tide.

4. What about kids?

A reoccurring theme that seems to come up is kids. Often times I hear “We were planning on something similar but then we got pregnant. Just wait, kids change everything.” I believe it, but there is also living proof that you can continue the vegabond lifestyle with kids. Bumfuzzle is one. WindTraveler is another example although lay’d up on land currently until their twins are old enough. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Still in practice mode 😉

4. How long does it take?

It takes 15 to 30 days to cross to cross either the Atlantic or Pacific depending on wind. The rest is much shorter passages taking around 1 to a few days. It’s more like island hoping.

5. Why?

Honestly we’re doing this for us. Call it selfish but this is one of those ‘missions’ you must complete in life. Just happens we’re blogging about it. I see this blog solely as a sort of personal diary. Something we can look back on when if we get old.


Onwards! Big stuff coming later this week. It’s getting real day by day.

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