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Lowrance Elite 5 Depthsounder & GPS

I had mentioned previously that we chose to go with the LOWRANCE Elite 5 Fishfinder/Chartplotter. I finally picked up a unit from West Marine today. I’m pretty excited to have this unit on the Sweet Chariot as I have never had precise depth contours while fishing. I guess now I don’t have any more excuses why I’m not catching Salmon. Well…there’s always still tides, moon, lack of fish and bad lures to blame. After all, is called “Fishing” not “Catching”.

I will be adding to this Lowrance Elite5 review as time goes on.


Elite5 Functionality

First impressions are very good and the unit seems very practical. The snap-in display will make it easy to disconnect and move inside the locked cabin while the boat is moored at our sketchy marina. The hole above the “LOWRANCE” label is actually a hand hold from which you can yank, and disconnect the display unit.

 Lowrance Elite5


The map chip that comes with this package is worth around $150 alone. It snaps into the front of the unit and can be swapped for other coverage areas.


I will add more detail here once I have actually installed the unit. But it seems pretty simple; Connect one wire to the transponder and the other to the battery.

Elite5 Price Point

I picked up this unit for $620 + tax at a Canadian West Marine store. It was originally advertised for $650 but West Marine was kind enough to match the price at GPS City. From what I was told there is no comparable lower priced unit that includes both GPS and Depthsounder. I’m unsure if that is correct and I’d love to hear your opinion if you think otherwise.

Looking forward to installing and using this unit. Will update this page shortly.



Update 1 – Southern Gulf Islands Maps Coverage

We took the boat from Victoria to the Sunshine Coast this weekend and I am not very impressed by the map coverage for North Galiano, Georgia Strait, Salt Spring Island and Sunshine Coast. Have a look at the two pics I snapped while crossing the Strait of Georgia. First is zoomed out and shows a nice map. Second picture is one zoom level in showing all land everywhere. Obviously the Lowrances’ map coverage needs some updating for closer in zooms in the British Columbia area.

Elite5 maps


Maps Elite5





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