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Rush Hour in the Straits of Malacca

There’s something significant about crossing the Malacca Straits. Sort of like going thru the Panama Canal. It’s a big milestone and even though our half way point was up in the Philippines, this seems more real. It’s not just a number. 

A lot of cruisers actually get stuck here. They end their sabbatical in Malaysia or Thailand after starting in Australia or the Caribbean. Same goes for the Pacific Ocean crossing. Lots of cruisers start in the Med and never make it past the Caribbean. 

But we’re stoked. Stoked to be on the cusp of stepping foot into the Indian ocean. Just as crossing the Pacific, the experiences will be incredibly rich in those untrodden waters. 

Hope this brings you a little bit of joy as the world spins around us. 


Leland Sacris
April 3, 2020

Been watching your videos. Hope you had a wonderful time in Cebu, Philippines.


Chad Lechleidner
April 1, 2020

Hi, watch your episode on fishing reels very helpful, Thanks, but didn’t catch what lb. Line you are using?, thanks again for your time and video. Chad.


    April 8, 2020

    Hey Chad, Usually we use around 40 lb test mono. And if we get really fancy, we go with a braid backing. But the lower the lb line, the more you can fit onto the reel which we’ve found really beneficial with these big fish!


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