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Safe? Sailing to Papua New Guinea…

A lot goes on behind the scenes before we set sail to any country. Ashley will spend weeks reading online reports. We talk to the cruising community. Papua New Guinea was no exception. In the broader sense, there are many cities which have unsafe areas. Whether that’s downtown east-side in Vancouver or Southeast Los Angeles. Yes, there are unsafe areas in Papua New Guinea. Many of them. Especially on the mainland but the outer islands are pure bliss.

We wish we had had more time here. Due to cyclone season we were just passing thru. We will most definitely be back in our lifetime to enjoy the culture and personalities that reside here.

Be brave. Be bold. If only for a moment of every day.

With Love,

Ben & Ash


Bob Stockard
January 22, 2019

Your I live in real life. I enjoy your videos of your travels.


Eric Loquillano
January 21, 2019

Your videos have increasingly inspired me to want to do this. One day I will. Many thanks to your adventures that you have shared! It soothes me in my time of wants and needs. I hope you keep filming, because I’m definitely watching!


Anees Ansari
January 20, 2019

I’m in bed with a shoulder injury. Just watch about 20 hours of your adventure. Love you guys. All i need is a boat and a lady and I’m gone.


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