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Sail Inventory of an Offshore Sailing Catamaran

The sails in your sail locker make a huge difference when cruising longterm offshore. You need to be able to pull out different weight clothes for different wind angles and strengths. In this video we try to break things down as simple as possible without boring you. Hopefully we achieved a good balance.

You can find our current reefing chart here. This is our bible when the wind starts to build. It’s amazing how brain dead we can get while on passage. This laminated chart sits right beside our navigation computer all the time. Seems simple stupid but it works and we do actually rely on it heavily and repeatedly. Make your own with the Excel file or print out the PDF version and start with that.




March 28, 2019

Hi there – I love the informative videos and just how your journey started – corporate life is a theif of time .if it wasn’t for the $ no one would do it – as for selling your house as you say and no set retirement fund ,, well most people have nothing and only a boring house in the suburbs that may or may not be saleable….?

Your point of difference is your honesty and non – self promoting videos as some others are doing on YouTube – we want to be informed not entertained,, having said that they are wonderful

Ps I love they way you say get a line of credit ( sail away and nver pay ) banks can afford it haha

Many thanks Andre


March 26, 2019

Hey love the videos. I have Kurt Hughes Catamaran that has had the sails replaced. Did you come up with the reefing plan on your own? I am ok with when to reef the main but it gets confusing with all the other sails. Thanks


Dirk Helmstaedt
March 19, 2019

Hey Guys,
We are also wondering some of the same questions as Cila. We cruised shorter term about a decade ago, and ended up buying health insurance back then. Just wondering how you two have done that? We now have 2 younger kids so our appetite for risk is a little less, so we definitely want to make sure the health care end of things is taken care of…any insight you may have would be greatly appreciated. Cheers…and love the whiteboard! Just watched the sail inventory vid, awesome stuff!


Cila Desousa
March 18, 2019

you guys are amazing! Thank you for all that your teaching us. We will be ready for 2026. We are also from Canada and would like to know more.
Like how long can you stay away from Canada? Do you lose your Health care? Did you guys buy health INS if so who ? how did your start ? Any help would be great.
What should be be doing now to learn?


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