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sailing at Night in the Philippines

Cities and ports are necessary evils while sailing around the world. We try to stay on anchor most of the time. It’s free and way more beautiful. But now and then we have to pull into port for repairs or government formalities. In order to get there, and position ourselves for the sail down to Indonesia, we have to cross the country from West to East. Doing so requires some overnight sails that are unavoidable due to lack of anchorages. Fishing boats, floats and gear litters most of the waters of South East Asia. Many are unlit and cause us yachties to actually have to pay attention at night. FADS also known as Fish Aggregation Devices are everywhere. Often they have palm leaves attached underneath to attract a whole plethora of fish. In our next episode we will go on massive hunts in the back alleys of Cebu in order to repair our windlass (thing that pulls up our anchor).

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