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Sailing Philippine Style


What a perfect day!  We could really get used to this resort living permanently. It is amazing.


We’d negotiated a round the island trip yesterday with a beach vendor for 2000 php or $55 CAD. After a fantastic fruit and musli breakfast we headed out with snorkel gear, dry bags and sunscreen. I must admit, my expectation of the boat was a bit different from reality. I guess I never thought about where I would sit or how windy and wavy it would get. Turns out the seating arrangements are comprised of you squatting on a fish net. Bags go into a semi dry center bilge. And don’t worry about life jackets.


First leg was quite dosile to the snorkel area. After a quick snorkel and we continued to head out to the windward side of the island where the wind and waves are strongest. These boats are essentially a dugout canoe with an outrigger on either side. Everything is tied together with fishing line. Sails are made of blue and white nylon tarp. The kind you can buy at your local Canadian Tire. Instead of cleats they have knots in the rope at even intervals and then hook that into a little wooden hole if they want to pull the sail in or out. Genius really. We’re so pampered with our massive fiberglass yachts with kitchens, bilge pumps and toilets. I imagine they crossed oceans in these outrigger sailboats.


Some pics to tell the tale. And a video coming in the next few days.












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