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Scalpels & Gallbladders

It’s been an interesting month. Lots of boring things happening behind the scenes related to getting our house ready to sell but things got really interesting last Saturday. Ashley had been having stomach pain for, ohhh possibly years after every meal. We always shrugged it off. Probably just indigestion. But things started getting bad Saturday morning. Really bad. We’d come to Mt Washington for a weekend with good friends and skiing but little did we know those plans would change drastically. At first I figured it was just another ‘Episode’. But she’d been up since 4am. I checked on her at 10am after she’d gone back to bed. I could immediately tell something was not right. Her breathing and mannerisms were off. She was in major pain. Although she was trying to be tough, I was not falling for it. It’s funny because Ashley is a blunt person. She let’s you know when things are not to her liking. That’s why I married her; You always know where you stand. But she also likes to play the invincible superwoman. Doesn’t matter if she needs to work 72 hours or has pain. She’ll buckle down. But I knew this was different.


I decided to take her down to the Comox hospital. To say things degraded would be an understatement. By the time we made it to the car (in a snowstorm) she was yelling out in pain consistently. That degraded to watching her almost pass out from the pain on the drive down. Red lights didn’t matter anymore. Speed limits were ignored. My mission was to get her to the hospital as fast as I could. I had no idea what was going on in her belly. I could only assume the worst and I wasn’t waiting for an ambulance. We arrived at the ER. Within 10 minutes we were in and within 15 minutes morphine was flowing. It broke my heart to hear my girl screaming and writhing in pain. Of course the nurses didn’t panic one bit. They saw and heard the pain but I assume they classified it as simply pain. Pain doesn’t kill you in itself. Yes, it’s uncomfortable. But you’re not going to bleed out from pain.


Long story short, we were transferred to Campbell River immediately upon diagnosing the problem as a gallbladder infection. After a night with plenty of morphine and intravenous antibiotics to let her gallbladder settle down, she went under the scalpel the next day. I was of course a big baby sitting by the operating room doors. Waiting and waiting for her to come out. It is one of the most common procedures and still, I was nervous. My first experience with surgery I suppose.








I must mention the many nurses that helped us along our journey. They were little angels. I have never appreciated nurses. From helping with pain to doing the nasty’s like bowel movements (not that Ash had any of those). It’s a tough job. All they do is give, give, give. Amazing people. Personally we’ve ragged on our healthcare system in the past. But if you’re truly sick, you get dealt with. You are immediately operated on. I’ve never been exposed to modern medicine much. It is amazing and advanced. Thank You to the nurses in Comox and Campbell River hospitals. We are eternally grateful. To name a few names, the following made our stay so pleasant:


  • Sherry (ER Comox Hospital)
  • Megan (ER Campbell River)
  • Colleen (RN in training Campbell River Hospital)
  • Sammi (RN Campbell River)


We’re back at Mt Washington to rest, recuperate and watch movies. She’s in good spirits. Eating solids and taking full advantage of her attentive husband. I’ve found my mother in-laws scotch so my life isn’t too bad either.


Much Love,




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