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Boat Work

Boats are a hell of a lot of work! I suppose its no less than renovating a house, but for some reason, anytime I think of ‘boating’ I think of laying on a beach drinking white wine or a few bears. Not applying toxic bottom paint, changing zincs, cleaning, waxing or installing a heat exchanger. I’m not complaining, just saying its not a all fun. I suppose all this works makes boating more fun.

We’re making lot’s of progress though. Got lots done this weekend including a first coat of bottom paint, fixing some gelcoat spider cracks and looking into heat exchanger parts. This boat was a lake boat, so the previous owners stripped the heat exchanger. Considering it is going to live the rest of its life in the salt, we are determined to outfit it with a fresh water cooling system.

I am damn sore this evening. I don’t shy work, whether physical or mental. But Its been a while since I’ve worked a full day of manual labour. I really don’t know how I used to work 12 hours in logging camp. Maybe it was age. Maybe I’m just getting old. My upper body pains me after climbing and scooting underneath the trailer today. Sanding and painting is not child’s play. But it feels great doing physical. Actually seems like you’ve accomplished something at the end of the day other than replying to emails and fixing bugs for software you don’t care about.






Is it just me? or am I the only one doing all of the work? The verdict is in that the bow is ‘ok’ for Yoga, but a little too slanted. The back deck may be more suitable for yoga. I’m sure this will be tested next time I’m working on some massive project.


There were some nasty looking spider cracks originating from the port trim tab. I took it upon myself to grind them out and fill them with fresh gelcoat in order to prevent future leaks or damage.



Slapped on the first coat of bottom paint. This boat is starting to look like a real ocean boat.






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