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Self Employment & Passive Income

A while ago I mentioned I had some big news. Well here it is: I Quit … my full time employment. It’s been just over a month and things are as smooth as butter; Tons of work, Happy clients and most importantly, a happy Ben. I’ve heard this over and over again from others who have gone out on their own – “I wish I had done so sooner”. I admit to feeling the same.


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So what does this mean going forward? Well full time consulting is not my goal but instead, Passive Income is. If you haven’t heard of passive income I highly recommend you check out Pat Flynn’s site. Pat was actually laid off from a drafting job 5 years ago. The journey since has lead him to building several smaller websites, each bringing in around $1,000 to $5,000 per month. To propel my vision forward I have already started searching for new ideas. I’ve had several product failures in the past which were great learning experiences. The difference this time is that I’m starting with finding a demand and then building a product to fill it. In the past, I’ve ‘invented’ stuff which no one really needs. It hasn’t worked out too well. And although the ideas were interesting or even cool, it’s a waste of time in the monetary sense. More to come on this topic in the future.

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