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Squatting at Home

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It’s been an epic couple of days. Ashley conveniently had a business trip to Seattle while I tore out all the carpet and finished painting trim. That’s ok tho. I don’t mind a good bottle of wine, some tunes and numbing paint work. A nice change from the daily non-stop brain work.
The house is completely upside down. All furniture is in the living room and we are officially squatting in our bedroom. But hey, who cares? You’re unconscious 90% of the time in there anyways. The remaining 10% is reserved for getting dressed or bedroom aerobics. Don’t need anything fancy for that.




The epitome of what I’d rather be doing….Kitesurfing:


I also managed to break our Ikea bed. No wonder they are so cheap. It’s nothing more than hollow particle board with cardboard in between. Hrmmm…I better go buy some wood glue before Ash gets home.


We’re staging this joint over the weekend. Pictures Monday. List Tuesday. Real Estate agents coming by on Wednesday to try to convince us to Not sell privately. We’ll see how that goes. Our options are down to:

1. Sell privately via Craigslist and other local, free websites.

2. Take advantage of realtors that now provide a flat-fee listing service. This is around $800 plus some weird (money grab) “Brokerage & Board Fee” for $700. Even then, although you’re on, buyers agents likely won’t mention your place since there is no commission in it for them – Typical mob mentality.

3. Worst case scenario, go with a full service real estate contract at 3% of final sales price.


Real Estate agents are geniuses. They have managed to position themselves into a commission based fee structure with next to zero up front risk. I cannot think of many other industries where you can benefit that handsomely. I suspect we’re going to start with option #1 and ramp up from there. Why not play all your cards if you have time? Interest rates are at an all time low. Really damn low. So our monthly loss in capital is around $600 for every month we don’t sell. That’s $600 thrown away to interest charges on our mortgage. That ain’t bad considering how much rent is these days.


Stay tuned. Hilarity shall ensue as I try to market this place myself. I have some wild ideas that should generate good traffic.




Before & Afters















March 29, 2014

Looks great, Ben! To be fair to agents, ours has also paid for professional pictures and floor plan and is taking care of rounding up and paying for strata docs and forms upfront. I’m guessing (hoping?) where they earn their $$ is during negotiations…

You’ve got nothing to lose, though, by doing it yourself first plus your place is so nice it’ll be easy-peasy 🙂


    March 30, 2014

    Heh. We will see about easy-peasy. I will most likely eat my words and spring for a real estate agent in the end. I’m just full of hot air. Reality just hasn’t popped my bubble yet 🙂


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