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Shakedown Weekend

The other day I was thinking about how much we go away on weekends. My thoughts were somewhere around the fact we are going to run out of steam if we keep this up. Today, thinking about it again, I realized that’s total BS. Yes it’s a lot of work packing to go camping for the first time in the season. It’s a pain in the ass. But after you do it once, it becomes routine. Same with boat trips. Same with snowboarding; Pack the gear, get into a routine and go. Get outta town. Come back recharged.


Ouch. Everything hurts. Abs. Arms. Legs. One night at Nitinat lake. Sunny skies. Great wind. Laughter & smiles.

I’d never noticed before how noisy nature is. I don’t think I’ve ever not woken up at sunrise in a tent. It’s peaceful and all, but after a days worth or kiting, those chirping birds and crows are a bit much. Do you really need to announce the sunrise? I think we can see for ourselves.

Kiting-wise, we both surprisingly started the season where we left off. Ashley did great. So proud of this girl. I believe there are a total of three (at most) three girls out on the water. My girl is one of them!  I, on the other hand had a Kite-mare. Managed to invert my kite on the far side of the lake. My sentence was to body drag from the far side of the lake with the inverted kite. In the end no one was hurt (except for my ego). Still working on my first kite trick if you will – The Back Roll. Landing just over 50% now. Feels good but already thinking about what’s next!






Apparently the outhouses are so smelly that pants get pulled up outside the outhouse…









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