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Sheridan Lake 2012

Another successful Sheridan lake trip has come to an end. Its been a whirlwind. Plenty of water sports, socializing and of course, beverages. We try to head up to Ashley’s grandma’s place once a year to hang out with her Grandma and of course the rest of the Stobbart clan. Its always great to see everyone and reconnect. One of main things we look forward to is the water skiing. We rarely water ski more than once a year, so when we do, our bodies are one aching mess the day after. Its incredibly exhilarating going from stopped to 90 miles an hour in seconds.

We headed up on the motorbikes Friday morning. The ride was uneventful asides from the constant problems with our intercoms. Ride down had absolutely everything; 34 degree heat, sun, wind, and of course rain. But it all worked out and the rain was only a nuisance in that it made things hard to see. The air was still a balmy 16 degrees.

Some pictures to tell the story…

      There’s a rule in the Stobbart family which goes something like this: Tubing is for lazy people. You WILL be tortured and knocked off repeatedly.      


    Carley             Of course Todd, the youngest of the bunch, is also one of the best skiiers. No jealousy here 🙂       We only get cell phone reception on this one corner of the deck. It looks rather ridiculous at times.  Ashley and Carley hiding in the shade.This year we had the first ever Sheridan Olympics. Team Germany won (of course).        Shaun       Sean  Ashley on trick skiis     Ben setting up for a spectacular trick.   Didn’t quite pan out.      

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