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Silverstar Chananigans

Silverstar Resort has been good to us! We came here with no expectations and were very very fortunate to come stay for free and, on top of that, get two days free lift tickets. All thanks to a wonderful mother-in-law that was unable to use a pre-purchased package.

This is a fantastic mountain for children and families. Countless easy runs and friendly staff. For the steep seeking, adrenaline junkies, the Powder Gulch Express lift gives you access to many more advanced runs. We haven’t found a cliff run nor any very narrow chutes. But this does not take away from the fun we have had here. It has been all smiles and laughs.

We’re just packing up the condo to pick up our new-used boat from Kelowna. Big trip tomorrow towing it all the way to Victoria. Hopefully everything goes well and nothing breaks down along the way.


Ski Rope Tow

Rope Tow at Silverstar Resort


The Peanut Trail run was ashley’s favorite run as a child. It is rather amusing and indeed for little children; Lots of little bumps and trails under tree limbs that are no more than 5 feet high.

Ski Run for Small Children



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