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So this happened…

You guys already know the big news plus what happened afterwards! But we thought it would be fun to take you along for the ride of what we got up to in Canada. 

We love our former home. The scenery in British Columbia is absolutely stunning and there’s a part of us that always yearns to go back ‘home’. But without a house to call home and with our “job” being dependant to produce video content, we opted to temporarily adventure via a 17 foot 1978 Boler. We owned a 13 foot boler (some links below) when we first purchased Nahoa and used that to transport us, and any possessions that would fit, to Florida where we hopped aboard the boat.

These Bolers are all fibreglass construction (except the frame it sits upon). At the ripe old age of 1970’s their value is fully depreciated and the last one actually appreciated in the two years we owned it. Hoping the current project turns out the same way. Seems worst case you break even with these trailers. 

We just laughed re-reading our blog posts below. Enjoy!

With Love, Ben & Ash

13′ Boler Project & The Beginning of Nahoa 



Road Trip:


Alejandro & Angeka
May 7, 2020

Hello guys, I just saw the news and wanted to congratulate both of you for bringing a new life, may God bless your baby and hope to see more of your videos.


Elikapeka Collins
April 13, 2020

Hi, to my two faivor sailing people first congratulations on your precious baby she is adorable. Are you back to sailing full time? Love the videos and all the places you guys sailed to.


April 12, 2020

Congratulations! The video was taken down, what happened? And I can see a comment that the baby has a “nice name” but can’t see when you announced the name. Looking forward to seeing your land adventures. I suppose you will have to wait a while while your crew grows up and the virus eases up. Then you can get back and continue sailing. Or will you decide to stay ashore for a while? Either way, looking forward to seeing what happens.


April 8, 2020

Hey, das sind wunderschöne Nachrichten! Congratulations and i hope ti all goes well!
Thank you for your Videos! You made me think about my priorities. I hope to be able one day to do the same!
Ihr sollt mal am Ostsee vorbei segeln;)
Grüße aus Deutschland!


April 6, 2020

Just watch your video. The baby is a real surprise. Need some type of mailing address to send gift for baby. I live on the other side of the strait , US side , in a little town called Sequim, WA. What does the baby need? I am so happy for you.


    April 8, 2020

    Aww thanks so much. Really appreciate the thought. Right now we are all good. Trying to stay minimalist with as few baby things as possible. Proving hard already!!


      Krisha Owens
      April 14, 2020

      Hi Ben! Congrats to you guys on the babe. I’m also across the water in Sequim. How funny. You and Ash are pretty much solely responsible for my husband starting up his dream of sailing with the fam. So now we have to buy a boat and all that. 🙂

      Really enjoyed your videos, especially the technical ones (and the fishing). Let me know the best way to support you guys and keep the content going.


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