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Spider House

We (mostly Ashley) have been firming up our accommodation for our Philippine adventure in December. I am definitely starting to get stoked about some of the places we’ll be staying at. After a 120 hour flight from Vancouver to Manila we will be going directly to an island called Boracay. This is a small island known for a bit of a party scene and gorgeous white sand beaches.



The Spider House

I thought it was fitting to book us into the Spider House Resort to finally confront Ashley’s phobia of spiders. This place looks Amazing! In the reviews, it was described by one as “I booked this place for my spouse (She liked it)”. That pretty much hits the nail on the head. It is by no means luxurious, but I am starting to realize that in the Philippines, most places are rather dodgy by western standards. But hey, what can possibly go wrong if you have a mosquito net around your bed? It’s built 100% out of bamboo. Care for a smoke?






Maybe now would be a good time to let my boss know.

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