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Spider House – They Lied, Only 2 Walls

I’d written this a while back but we never had reliable internet. So here is the much delayed spider house post….

It’s been an interesting start. Perhaps not so many spiders but more ants and cockroaches.

It all started with a complimentary drink at check-in. Fantastic view and friendly staff. But I must admit this place is a bunch more rustic than I had imagined. Trees growing thru our bedroom, paper thin walls and a bathroom that is more like a camp site. It is pretty much exactly as they had described on their website so no complaints.

First night was a rough start. At one point I was sipping wine when Ashley jumped across to the other side of the room. I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about. I figured she’d found another tiny ant. That is, until she kindly let me know a cockroach had landed on my shoulder. I undressed pretty damn quick and killed the little Big Fucker.


Day 2 – Spider House

They lied. This place only has 2 walls. Ashley managed to catch my cold from back home and she’s having a rough time with it. In all honesty this place is not the best considering Ashley is not feeling well. But she’s a trooper. We’re staying one more night. We had reserved a total of 4 nights, but tomorrow we’re checking out early. We’ve been out in the sun and water all day while learning to Kite Board. We get back here, sun burnt and hot only to find a room with no Air Conditioning and no breeze. Best not to be stubborn and ruin several days of vacation. There’s a small hotel (with air conditioning) just down the road. We’re looking forward to moving into there for our last 2 nights on Boracay. After that we’re off to the province of Palawan. Specifically a town called El Nido.


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