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Well we weren’t expecting this when we set sail for Vanuatu! We knew there was a Volcano in Tanna. We thought it would be relatively safe to visit given it’s open to the public. Luckily for us, it turns out Vanuatu has rather lax safety regulations making for an extraordinary adventure.


Rory and Claire
October 24, 2018

We just started following you today – watched a video of yours on the weekend! Thanks for the tour of the cat!
We are sick of life on land…. work too hard and too many hours….. the story is the same no matter where you look…
We have been looking at cats, and equipment and following videos for 5 years now, been to boat shows, been sailing with friends in the Caribbean, fixed boats (I am a Diesel mechanic) …… And just need that “push”…. one life…right?
We are Canadian (which when we found out you are, sparked our interest in your videos even more) and as you know, there isn’t any financial institution that will help us at all with financing. (unless you put a brand new boat into charter with the Moornings and LH finance and basically throw your money away….) So,it’s sell everything, just like you did and jump in the deep end…
We have our own Mechanical company, it’s just the two of us working here, our kids are grown and gone and we are tired to be perfectly honest with you. We live just north of Calgary, but originally from South Africa (been in Canada – to give our children a better life – for 22 years now) and we are sick of the cold, sick of the stress and just need to make a life for ourselves for a change.
I know this is a story that you’ve heard many times, we are the norm. But wanted to thank you for your videos, we will continue to watch them now and look forward to them.

Happy sailing and congratulations on living!! You are an inspiration!


    Hamish Hopkins
    October 30, 2018

    Ha!! Was like reading my own bio….except the kids part! I’m also a Canadian (used to live in Leduc, Alberta)…..also originally from South Africa (Jo-burg/Durban area). I work in Alberta (Directional Driller) but live in Atlanta now with my wife who is American. We met at sailing school in the BVI about 6yrs ago. Going to be a while until we set sail for good unfortunately. But…..I can somewhat keep my sanity with a couple sailing trips a year plus a few beach visits 😉


    October 26, 2018

    Hey there, just read your post, we are from Sylvan and want to do the same thing in a few years. We love these you tube videos and love them even more when there are Canadians doing the adventure.


Rob Konopacki
October 20, 2018

As always epic and amazing. Great to see the two of you having a blast. Thanks for sharing.


Mike Schrader
October 20, 2018

Very cool guys!


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