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Week Interrupted

Well that was a rather interesting, hard working, week. We arrived Saturday afternoon. Sunday was really our only day where we did something including the pictures in the last post. Keats is really a beutiful place. We love it here. What we did realize is that we really don’t like working 10 to 16 hours a day. Ashley has major issues going on at work. I am having lots of stress with full time employment plus consulting plus personal projects. Ultimately, Ashley’s job brought us home Wednesday evening. A major change was in the works for Thursday at her office. Our cruise home was gorgeous though. We hit the sunset just perfect and the weather was just about perfect; no wind, no waves and little traffic.


Ashley worked so hard she started getting creative in her chair.


The Government dock at Keats Island. We often times jump off the shed in the Summer heat. Lots of memories here.










We tried our luck at prawning, but it was rather fruitless. First two locations proved empty pots. Last location, at 200+ feet provided 2 prawns and a few jellyfish. I guess the prawns are not won’t be coming into shallower waters till later in the summer.




I did manage to make a point of getting one swim per day. I’d say every day took your breath away, but it was worth it. Just getting into the ocean and feeling refreshed is fantastic.






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