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The British Virgin Islands – The Cement

Eight or so years ago we took a three week vacation to the BVIs. That vacation cemented our sailing dreams. I remember filling out the application to charter a sailboat. There was a section on experience. Oh man did we fill that up. We were actually pretty qualified… to rent a dinghy. We had raced all sorts of dinghy’s including Lasers, Bytes and Flying Juniors. We had also taught plenty of students about dinghy’s. From the little wee ones in Opti’s to the older crowd. We knew how to run a dinghy race course. We knew how to corral 30 students in Summer Sailing school. Teaching sailing had been our bread and butter every Summer during University break. Ok, in our defence, we did own a 13ft Lifetimer called the Tintanic. And we had certainly crewed on a big boat or two. But captained our own big boat, No. 

I still can’t believe they let us two kids charter that wee little Beneteau 31. But oh man did we have fun! That trip was magical and this place held a pretty special place in our hearts. 

Fast forward a whole lotta years and we have finally made it back. On our own boat no less! To say I was stoked to be back may have been an understatement. Well the Virgin Islands have certainly lived up to my expectations. For the most part. The BVI are an amazing and beautiful place. The sailing is easy and the harbours protected. 

And likely because of this… oh my there are a lot of boats in the BVIs. Charter boats and tour boats and idyllic places hit at the wrong time of day become slightly less than idyllic, or rather utter chaos. And yet we were still able to find anchorages where we were the only boat in the bay.  

After a wonderful three weeks we were so sad to see our awesome crew leave in St Thomas. With a lot of help from my Galley Companion Carley, we created amazing meals and ate like kings, drank our body weight in Painkillers and Rum Punches, visited beautiful beaches, kited Gorda Sound, jumped off giant boulders to escape the crowds at the baths, snorkelled in caves at Norman Island, were serenaded by foxy, and last but not least, explored Anegada in a yellow barbie jeep. We had a blast.  

Us eight years ago.


And now … We’ve really matured.

BVI - 25

Check in at Jost Van Dyke was a breeze and this is probably one of my all time favourite chill places to hang out. A serenade from Foxy himself.

BVI - 1


The boys won a free drink by figuring out this little puzzle.

BVI - 2


Foxy’s had the best internet and hence, it was Ben’s office for a few days.

BVI - 3

Maybe a little kiting in Gorda Sound is in order.


Exploring the Baths


Or a detour to Anegada.

BVI - 10

We rented this sweet little yellow jeep. Upon our first few tries, it wouldn’t stay running. A dud of sorts. Upon checking back with the rental agency, the instructions were “Just put some fire into it.”  Translation: Rev it like crazy until it’s warm, then keep riding the gas while you put it in gear. It was an automatic.

BVI Ben - 2 (1)


Not much beats the water colour at Loblolly bay 🙂

BVI - 6

The salt pond on Salt island. I thought I would be able to harvest some salt here, but um… ick.

BVI - 19


Searching for treasure in the caves at the Bight



Just floating around.


Farewell, we miss you both!


Somebody has to walk the goats.

BVI Ben - 7


Some people are in a hurry.

BVI Ben - 8



BVI Ben - 6



Ron deBruyne
May 31, 2016

Great post guys. Keep them coming!!


May 31, 2016

with the business of life, I had lost track of your blog. Finally had the opportunity to catch back up and am enjoying it more than ever. Thank you for taking the time to post!


    June 1, 2016

    Thanks for following Sean. Hope the business of life get’s so that and we see you out here soon!


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