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The Dream Boat

We’re getting close now.  We’ve picked out our dream boat and have a definitive dollar amount in mind to work towards. Here’s our goal, a Lagoon 380:


We envision this as the ideal living platform. Unlike a monohull, a catamaran has the main living space above water. We find monohulls extremely dark and claustrophobic. I plan to continue my business while underway so the office arrangements will be much brighter and comfortable being above the waterline. The Lagoon 380 has been on the market for quite a while and prices of boats from the early 2000’s coming down in price to around $150,000. Other major benefits we see to this sort of platform are:


  1. More space for guests.
  2. Ideal playing platform for Kitesurfing, Paddleboarding, Surfing.
  3. Double the safety due to 2 engines,  2 hulls,  shallow draft.


More to come on this front and in general. It’s yet to be seen if we can achieve this goal although I’m confident. Things are ramping up with the preparation of the sale of our home and all the ‘stuff’ inside of it. Getting rid of clutter has always been a passion of mine. Feels good!

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