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the END of a Chapter

This is the last of the tiny boat videos. We are all caught up and whatever comes next is real-time. We’re not sure yet what it’ll be. Stay tuned!


November 23, 2020

Ash,its Big City…worried about your skin…I used to be a smoker(not saying you are),but my skin got the same way,and when i quit, I started on Co q10,and it cleared right up. (i was trained by an herbalist.) Not sayin’, just sayin”. Fred


Michelle and steve Rader
November 23, 2020

Hi guys!
We are from Ontario Canada. Been watching your epidodes from the beginning and just love you both! Its a little escapism from being in turmoil over all this covid crap for sure. You are both so brave keeping a baby on a boat ! I know this because I have raised 4 children my self and can be difficult at times and I was not on a boat!
Love the kite boarding episodes,,wished I had of done some of that in my youth,,I was a gymnist so it would have came easy. My husband and I are 57 now, so a little late to take up kiteboarding especially after his hip replacement. But we live vicariously through watching people kiteboard.
Just a side note,,we lived in thailand for a year just a while ago, we lived at the end of the line from the BTS rail of Bangkok,,,and what we learned about Thailand is this: when renewing a work visa regardless of who you worked for it was always done off bribes! We were really taken back by this! But when sitting in the visa office there were baskets and baskets of fruit and specialty things piled high infront of the guy who said yes or no to your visa. Our H.R. girl from the company my husband worked for explained that is how it works. We couldnt believe it but hey its a different system than ours forsure.
So if you got the right person from the consulate here to get ahold of the right person there I am telling you everything, Yup everything is forsale in Thailand which disgusted me while there with alot of stuff.But could work in your favour there.
Hope this helps you in some way, the Thai’s are a weird people and after a year still could not fully wrap my head around why and how they did things.
Kub coon ka😂🤣
Best of luck getting back on your boat!


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