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The End of the Endless Summer…

Winter. What’s winter? Cruising around the world more or less near the equator has meant we have had pretty much three years of perpetual Summer. Just how we like it! But after many months of cruising, we decided to pop home for a visit. Well it turns out summer in the southern hemisphere (aka cyclone season) is the time we for us to head home. Well our beautiful endless summer came to a SCREECHING HALT. Hello Winter! Our former stomping grounds are on Vancouver Island, Canada. As far as Canada goes, we get off easy in Winter as it generally only rains. A lot. So what do we do with all this time at home in Winter? Well hello! We better go Snowboarding of course! A huge Thanks to our family for taking us in for letting us crash the family ski cabin just like old times. Here are just a few snippets of our adventures in canada.


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May 21, 2018

Holy moly, guys! This is yet another gorgeous vid!


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