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The Party Bus

I typically don’t fly a lot. Once or twice a year for vacation. I work from home, for myself and only travel so much as required by my clients. For the most part, hardly at at all. The last couple months have been different. Overnight red-eye flights. Milk runs across the country to save a few hundred bucks here and there.

Living or flying with strangers in close quarters is awful. Absolutely awful. Different mannerisms. Different cultures. Today’s flight is a good example. A charter flight from Vancouver to the Dominican Republic. A plane loaded with a ton of people headed for all inclusive resorts. Families, newlyweds and friends. But there are some oddities. It’s 6am and I think the couple behind us is drunk. Spilling coffee and smelling of alcohol. Messy. Did I mention it is 6am. The man is farting. Belching. Finally, just when I think that he’s about to “settle down”, he decides to clip his fingernails before takeoff. Really? He does eventually settle down and pass out for the remainder of the flight.

There are innocent passengers. The kids; They smile, you smile. They giggle, you giggle. And in the end, it’s all worth it considering a charter flight gets you to your destination in 7 hours instead of 27.

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We did make it after two days of travel. We’re grateful to be here. What follows is two weeks of relaxation. Hopefully lots of Kiteboarding. (We brought our kite gear). And best of all, viewing a boat we might potentially buy in the coming months. We’re excited yet reserved after our last experience.




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