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the REALITY of moving aboard a TINY BOAT

Perhaps the biggest lesson we’re learning is that if a boat hasn’t been used for years, there is so much stuff that seizes, breaks and corrodes. But it’s coming together. Slowly but surely!


July 23, 2020

Wondering how u r after Alaskas earthquake , if u noticed sea life activity before during afterward July 22nd UTC 06.12
Better stock up on beer and do a random poll with other boaters on beers benefits during earthquake recovery moments…🍻🍺 cant wait till ur discovered by a Canadian beer sponsor


July 23, 2020

Our you guys sailing back to your big boat on the small boat you just got then finishing going around the world on your big boat?


July 22, 2020

Hi guys, just watching your latest video, I am not sure but there may be an issue as the dry ice melts, that the CO2 may displace the oxygen in your boat, if you have the cooler stored below. Hopefully it is a non issue. Have a great summer and enjoy the newly expanded family.


Steve Swann
July 20, 2020

Trailer sailing is special in its own right. Thousands of sailors don’t have what you have with NAHOA. Enjoy what you have now. We had a trailerable Aquarius 23 and then Ericson 25 for years and now have a custom aluminum 47 footer. There are many, many, exclusive moments to enjoy only from a trailerable.

So quit dissing your tiny boat and discovering those special moments.

Steve and Tawni
S/V Tahnee Mara

PS Ben’s emergency beer is brilliant!


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