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The Stuff

I sit here looking around at stuff in the ski cabin. The boot warmers. The faux finish in the entry. Suff. Stuff that I’ve been around for so long but never noticed. The industrial metal grate bench invented and installed by someone special. The 2×6 blocks of wood used to wax boards and skis. The surroundings that you never notice while going thru the day-to-day. Stuff that I know I will likely not see for a long time again.

It’s sad. It’s interesting. Big changes like these are sometimes the only way to appreciate what you have.

While getting a ride home from a friend the other day I looked up and saw the Victorian style light posts. I noticed the lit up Empress. I said “Damn. I’m going to miss this place.” I really am going to miss this place.

It’s the memories. It’s family and friends. It’s the memories. The many nights spent drinking scotch with the uncle. The early mornings with oatmeal brewing prior to a powder day. The stuff that you never notice day to day. We’re going to miss stuff.

It’s odd noticing these things.








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