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The Value of Fear & Kiteboarding Tonga – Adventure 33

Location: Ha’apai, Tonga

Tonga is truly breathtaking. Popular Fiji lies less than a thousand miles to the west yet Tonga is desolate. A hidden gem. An undiscovered paradise available to those willing to venture from the beaten path.

We finished off our month-long stay in Tonga in the absolutely breathtaking Ha’apai group. Probably some of the best kiteboarding we have ever seen. We only once had the pleasure of sharing a session with a fellow kiter.

As we leisurely cruised south through the islands we would meet up with other cruisers now and then. Inevitably the conversation always turned to the passage to New Zealand. When to leave. Where to leave from. Incoming weather and essentially everyone’s fears of their passage down.

But by default, cruisers generally are a unique bunch of people who accept the challenge, are aware of the risks and keep the fear in check. Up next we set off to New Zealand in an absolutely short but windy weather window. Stay tuned for the next episode!


February 21, 2018

Hey we have been enjoying your videos. Can you give us a beginner’s orientation to fishing with a hand line? What size and kind of line, and what gear is needed? Cheers


February 14, 2018

Just found you folks, and have been binge watching/ reading your adventures. Great to see stories from fellow British Columbians. Enjoy every moment you can!


Mrs H E Cattanach
February 10, 2018

I am guessing you are here in the emerald isle, Aotearoa. We r near gulf harbour marina. .big family home if you want a night ashore..we would love to host you.


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