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Time Flies

Wow. How does that happen? This vacation to the Philippines already feels like a distant memory. So much has happened since. Well…not really. Ash is back over in Europe on business. I’m busy being a bachelor whatever that means. I can tell you it is a glorified life that doesn’t live up to it’s expectations. The couch can get quite boring which can lead to problems. In my case getting intrigued by Kiteboarding. I have likely reached the point of no return and will be taking up this sport in the coming months. I know most of my family and friends will be thinking “Another sport! Whaat. Another toy?” To that I answer Yes! Life is too damn short. It’s time to shit or get off. I encourage you to do the same.


The guilt to update this blog has increased steadily now. I’ll be post more stuff over the coming weeks. No promises tho. I have a bad track record. A video to get you started.


This was literally our first impression of the philippines after getting off our delayed flight. I think we were both a little shell shocked the the amount of traffic. Not to mention the dancing Santa directing traffic! It was truly an amazing place in it’s own right.



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