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Top Travel Destinations in the South Pacific

Happy New Years to all you wonderful humans! We thought it time to publish our Top 10 spots we visited in the South Pacific. We added a bunch of links below. If you need any more detailed information, just ask and we’ll give you the inside scoop! We just passed thru this region mere months ago so lots of inside scoop!

Psssst; Oh, and if you haven’t heard, we made the news on several channels including CTV News, Check News and a local Vancouver site called The Daily Hive. We’re beyond stoked to get some coverage as it really helps us continue on.

Thank You for your support. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you. You are rockstars.

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Crazy Hike:

Yacht Charters:



Crew Wanted Sites:





Mount Yassur:

Affordable beach resort. Great beach. Spent a few weeks anchored off of it:

Dive the Coolidge Wreck:


Moorings Yacht Charters:

Kite eco accommodation:



Kite Charter Catamaran in the Louisiades:



Fakarava Diving:
Tuamotus Cruise Ship:


Liz Evans
January 18, 2019

Excellent presentation, you captured those places in your footage really well – Fakarava No.1 yes.


Kris galgay
January 18, 2019

Love watching you guys. Would love to spend a week with you. Do you bring followers on board


January 12, 2019

We are fellow Canadians from Ottawa starting to plan our retirement sailing. Just waiting for kids to finish school! Enjoying following your adventures. Thanks for sharing. Plan on doing a few trips a year until we launch and would love to catch up with you somewhere.


January 10, 2019

Thanks for all the videos, almost done watching them all, you are an inspiration!
You two are fun to watch, love your upbeat attitude and sense of humour!
Keep it up, hope to see you on the water before the end of 2019!


Sandra Renwick
January 6, 2019

You guys are awesome and so much fun to watch and we see so many similarities in your sailing wisdom and thoughts of how you are sailing the world! We are two years away from sailing Georgian Bay starting off in our Hunter 410 but love your take on going by catamaran as it is your home away from home!! Wondering as we come down the eastern seaboard and head to the Caribbean how long she would cruise those waters before we pass through the Panama Canal onto the Pacific?? There is so much to see but love all your information on the pacific side of things even more!! You guys have such untapped energy and a quirky sense of humour that we thoroughly enjoy to watch! Keep up the great videos and keep it real!
Sandra and Dave
Sv Secondwind


Mike Schrader
January 5, 2019

Great vid you guys! Excellent . . . Keeps the juices flowin’! Catch you later.


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