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Desolation Sound Travel – Packing, Travel and General Mayhem

Yep, its official, we suck at packing. How do I know? Because we pack up the entire house and try and cram it into a 23 foot boat. And believe me, Ashley manages to fill every nook and cranny in this boat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Quite the opposite. I have less of a clue what to pack than most people so I am just thankful she is so much better than me.

After a late night of packing, we rolled out of bed at a reasonable hour. Looking back I am amazed how much work it is to go on a trip like this. There’s stuff to buy for the boat. There’s clothes to pack. Food to buy, organize and pack. Routes to research. Repack everything into the boat. Get gas. Check the oil. Worry about weather. Pack some more. Re-organize. Its endless. If we hadn’t left the dock we would still be sitting there packing, buying and organizing.

Crossing was rough outside of Nanaimo. But we made it to Powel River. Good to be here especially since we’re now 80% to desolation sound. kinda crazy really considering we left Sidney and could theoretically make it to desolation sound in one day. A trip that would take sailboats days(s).



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