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Waiting Game

It seems like we’re in a waiting pattern – We’re circling the airport waiting to land. Actually, that’s not true. We’re grounded waiting for takeoff. We’re putting one foot in front of the other but sometimes you just gotta wait for stuff to sell. My motorbike was a great example. I had a few potential viewings and low ball offers. It just took a bit of time to find the right buyer. Our house will likely be the same. It isn’t about simply dropping the price but instead, being patient and waiting for the right buyer to walk in. Mentally we’re ready to set sail. But physically we have to deal with our stuff. House being the biggest one. I wish it could be expedited .


We follow a lot of others who have gone thru this or are in the process of making their (sailing) dream happen. From what I gather, we are somewhat approaching this backwards; We are selling everything and then buying a boat. Others have bought a boat and then are selling everything. Not sure what that implies but interesting to observe nonetheless.


In the meantime, kiteboarding season is starting up! Steady Summer winds are just around the corner. Just slightly excited!







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