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we made SO MANY MISTAKES at the beginning


Donald Payne New Zealand
December 21, 2020

Love following guys, so stoked you’re getting back to your boat.

If I wanted a/c on the boat during the mid sun with your current set up without running a genset or discharging your house battery,

I would be running [ much ] thicker tinned copper cables between the solar panel connections, controller and battery.
I suspect you have a lot of loss due to too small cable. This equals available energy or ‘ energy harvest ‘

Google 12v dc cable size calculator, 12vdc 3% loss [ less is good but costs more, ever diminishing returns ] length of run
pick the average from about 6 different ones , thicker is always better,
I would shift the solar controller to beside the batteries for more accurate battery charging.

To allow me to do it myself I would make up a small as a terminal size v steel block that will take a normal say 5mm a little rounded off pin punch held in a hole above the V that you strike with your hammer to crimp the terminal to hold the cable that is uber smothered in vasaline into the terminal. vasaline oozing out for corrosion slow upness , easy as. happy to draw you a picture. or explain.

With a jar full of terminals that are a match for your cable, vasaline and roll of cable you will make up the cables yourself on board. Just follow what you already have. You can use up the existing cable by doubling it [ or triple] it so you don’t need as much new tinned copper marine flex cable. Finer strands cost more &allows tighter corners and less stress on the terminals = longevity. .

If the controller has battery temperature compensation , sensor should be insignificant in price I would definitely run that, especially a live with my battery situation inside my home in a hot climate.

You guys are awesome,

Love from Christchurch New Zealand

Donald Auto Sparky 40 years

hope you have checked out the AC75 racing here


December 14, 2020

Love all your videos!! Go look at insta I DM u both! Love u all keep up the awesome work


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