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Week Escape

We’re back on Keats Island after a slow start leaving Saturday noon. The trip from Victoria was once again flat calm. We’ve lucked out this year and haven’t encountered any nasty weather. We’ll probably have the nastiest of crossings as soon as we’re on a tight schedule and need to get home for an appointment.



It was a fun trip up; First cruised the length of Saltspring Island. Hugging the shoreline to within a few hundred feet. Our new depth sounder, chart plotter is wonderful. Truly amazing how you can explore much closer to shore. As we hit Polier Pass we were overtaken by a massive Coast Guard hover craft heading to Vancouver. These things are massive and impressive. Something very strange and intriguing about them.


The weather is pretty crappy this summer so far. We’ve had rain storm after rain storm followed by clouds and wind. We had forgotten to do up all of the snaps on our canvas and when we arrived at our boat on Saturday we found all of the carpet completely soaked. Still drying the boat as I write this 2 days later.








Apparantly Yoga is in the schedule this week…




Went for a small hike today. It’s sure nice being able to get out and exercise. I don’t know why we don’t do this at home. I guess its just too comfortable in our house.




Works starts tomorrow. We’re both dreading the next week as always. At least we’ll have a gorgeous view at work this week.

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