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Welcome Home. Here’s a Hurricane.

We’re back on the boat. Which is on the hard. Our maintenance list is long. Two days in and my back is seized, my shoulders feel like The Hulk and for some odd reason, my quads hurt. Life aboard is a full body workout. From the time you get up (and go pee) to climb down the ladder (because the toilet don’t work out of the water), till you haul water aboard to fill the fresh water tanks. It’s no cakewalk. But we’re back and it feels good. We’re customizing this ship. She’s going to be a sexy beast in a months time.

The list…

  • Remove all turquoise. This boat has a lot of it.
  • Finish hard top installation (old cockpit cover was good for siphoning noodles…..or catching rain).
  • New mainsail cover.
  • New bottom paint.
  • Fix mainsail track issues so that we can use our (full) mainsail.
  • New cushions.
  • New mattress.
  • ..
  • .

You get the point. There’s a lot of ordering of parts, talking to trades and manual labour.

Vancouver…..Not sure if they’d let us on the plane with five checked bags.

Lagoon_410_maintenance_ - 1

Lagoon_410_maintenance_ - 6

Lagoon_410_maintenance_ - 7

Ashley got a new sewing machine. She’ll be sewing new cockpit cushions, new saloon cusions, new curtains, new mainsail bag, new underwear…. ?

Lagoon_410_maintenance_ - 5

Lagoon_410_maintenance_ - 3


We did have a welcoming home party. Hundreds of fruit fly’s the day after we moved in.

Lagoon_410_maintenance_ - 4

Lagoon_410_maintenance_ - 8

Lagoon_410_maintenance_ - 2

In other news, looks like a Hurricane is bearing down on us. Her name is Joaquin. She’s currently sitting in the central Atlantic. We’re somewhat happy we’re here to prepare our home while hoping it won’t be a direct hit. Models to date vary greatly but if it does happen, it’ll be sometime around Sunday. We’re watching the forecast closely and will be adding jack stands underneath our boat and possibly have it moved to a safer location in the yard.

We’ll see what she brings. Not sure if I have a small enough kite for kiteboarding. We’re only about an hour away from Hatteras – One of the best kite spots on the east coast.





Doug Robbie
October 3, 2015

Welcome back, ….now batten down the hatches. Dodging a hurricane bullet is always good. Another catamaran cruiser, Mike Boyd, his wife and 2 dogs is at marina in Hayes, VA building a hardtop among other things. Almost seems you are at the same marina based on the map on your blog. His blog is This Rat Sailed and they will head to Bahamas after hurricane season ends and projects completed.
Doug In VT


    October 3, 2015

    Hi Doug. I’d love to talk to Mike Boyd as we’re having some issues with our new Hard Top. Does he have a blog by chance?



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