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We’re Back!

We took the last couple weeks to fly home for a reset. Five days of snowboarding. Christmas. New Years. Family. Short but sweet.

We hadn’t told a sole of our visit home so the reactions were priceless. My family is German and we celebrate Christmas eve. Ashley and I parked on the side street, snuck around the front and rung the doorbell. Mom answered. It’s difficult to put into words. An expression flashed across her face. It seemed she had just seen a ghost. Took a few steps back and then it hit her. Tears and smiles. Hugs and laughter. And that scene repeated itself. Dad. Sister. Christmas Day with Relatives. Shocked faces followed by smiles & hugs. Hands down the best surprise We’ve ever given. We’ll be pulling that prank again in the future.

“It’s good to be back.” Those were the words out of my mouth after a long day of flights while having a beer on the boat. Followed by “It was the right call to take a break.” This boat and our situation was not fun anymore. We’d had an trying few months in Virginia. Living in a boatyard is not fun to begin with. Being stuck in one for over three months is horrible.

But we’re back in Ft Lauderdale now and doing great. Hard top is commissioned. Commissioned by a company that specializes in sailing catamarans. With a contract that covers absolutely every detail. If nothing else, we’ve learnt from our experience in Deltaville and for that I am thankful. A life lesson. Something they don’t teach you in school.

What’s next? Likely the Florida Keys. We’re going to cruise down the coast. Past Miami all the way to Key West while we wait for this hard top to be built. We’re really looking forward to the next few weeks. A vacation of sorts. I smile as I type that. A “vacation”. What I really mean to say; We are stoked to be living our life again.


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 12.28.36 PM

christmas2015_ - 1

Ash making stockings for the boat before we decided to head home…


christmas2015_ - 5

christmas2015_ - 6

christmas2015_ - 7

christmas2015_ - 8

christmas2015_ - 10

christmas2015_ - 11


Norah with all of her grand children.

christmas2015_ - 14

The Heard Family

christmas2015_ - 15

Stobbart Family

christmas2015_ - 16

And our Stobbart Family

christmas2015_ - 17

christmas2015_ - 18

IMG_6329 (1)

christmas2015_ - 19

christmas2015_ - 20

IMG_6330 (1)

christmas2015_ - 21

IMG_6297 (1)

IMG_6317 (1)

christmas2015_ - 23

Happy Birthday Hunt!

christmas2015_ - 24


January 13, 2016

wish we could have built a hard bimini for you. We built one for a 38 lagoon. You would have to had been in Annapolis. send me an address and I’ll send you some photos.


    January 13, 2016

    Hi Bill. We would have come to Annapolis had we known! We’re all set now tho here in Ft Lauderdale.


January 13, 2016

Happy to hear you’re back and adventuring after a wonderful visit! Hard top is in the works; awesome! Have a wonderful vacation. Happy sailing you two! xox


    January 13, 2016

    Thanks Car.


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