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Yesterday. A test of sorts. We had run low on everything. Including beer & eggs. The essentials. It had been howling thru this mooring field for three days now. We’d been cooped up on this boat for two. Unable to get off as it was too rough to bother. Then, yesterday, we got our chance. To shore we went. Once ashore, we hopped on our folding bikes and checked out Key West one last time. Ate Key Lime pie. Ate a Cuban sandwich. (Cuban food is really good). And then. Then we got to work. Groceries. Booze. Laundry. Water.

As a fellow cruiser, you might understand. Let’s start with groceries. Walk for a while on the side of the highway to the grocery store (you can’t carry it all back on the bikes). Fill up at least one push cart to the brim. Pay a a couple hundred US dollars (several CAD). Call a taxi. Wait 20 minutes for a taxi. Once back at the dinghy dock, unload your carts worth of grocery bags on the side walk. Let the taxi leave and all of the waiting cars behind it. Continue to move a carts worth of grocery bags onto the dock and finally into the dinghy. Dinghy to the boat. Get soaked head to toe as the wind and waves have picked up again. Stop. Look at each other and laugh. It is the best and only option. Strip naked in the cockpit. Continue to now wash and dry all groceries of salt water.

Package up a few weeks worth of laundry into black garbage bags. Dinghy, now in the dark, back to the dinghy dock. Occupy all machines in the facility. Move onto the next task (water) and worry someone is going to steal your laundry.

Fill jerry cans of water. Dinghy those back to the boat. Get covered in salt water. (Wearing full wet gear now). Lug water cans onto foredeck. Tediously transfer water into main tank.

Run back to laundry. Switch it to occupy all dryers. Take advantage of on-shore shower facilities. Try to use up all of the hot water. Fail. Realize you have put your towel in the wash. Dry off with tshirt and continue to put it on wet. Check on laundry. Realize two have not dried properly. Shove some more quarters into the machines. Wait another hour.

Stuff everything back into black garbage bags. Including the large folding bikes. Dinghy to the mothership. Unload. Store. Eat. Promptly fall asleep on couch.

I’m thankful for this life. I don’t know why. It’s trying at times but it sure ain’t boring. For that, I am thankful.



key_west_gibsons_bight_mooring - 1

key_west_gibsons_bight_mooring - 11

Today they were throwing stuff out of this plane. Yesterday they were jumping out of this plane. The Special Forces don’t stop training. Ever.

key_west_gibsons_bight_mooring - 2

This guy is real.

key_west_gibsons_bight_mooring - 5


So is this girl.

key_west_gibsons_bight_mooring - 6

And this one.

key_west_gibsons_bight_mooring - 7

This guy is real too.

key_west_gibsons_bight_mooring - 8

key_west_gibsons_bight_mooring - 9


key_west_gibsons_bight_mooring - 10

key_west_gibsons_bight_mooring - 13

key_west_gibsons_bight_mooring - 15


February 3, 2016

Tough life. Love Grammy


Carley S
January 28, 2016

Too funny; laughed my way through that one! Loving the updates. Happy day!


    January 29, 2016

    Funny? This is a serious blog. Covering only the most serious of topics. Not funny Carley.


Paul C
January 28, 2016

Haha, sounds like you’re in your own “special forces” training! Too bad your drone doesn’t have a 100lbs carrying capability… just air lift all that stuff back to mothership 🙂

Where are you guys off to next??


    January 29, 2016

    Off to Fort Lauderdale. Get this hard top on and then…not sure yet! Bahamas? British Virgin Islands? Anywhere south mon.


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