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You Can Fail At…

You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance at what you Love.”  This is from Jim Carrey’s commencement speech. My good friend Bay, who by the way is an excellent coach if you want to achieve big dreams, put this on my radar. It hit home and made me realize what’s been going on the past few months.

I’ve been holding on for dear life. The Plan must be executed with exact precision. Everything must be controlled to the most minute detail. We’re getting close now and  every purchase, every hour worked counts. I even tried to control the sale of our house. It’s exhausting.

We have had three offers on our townhouse. All of which have collapsed for various reasons including buyer financing. You start to question if this is actually going to happen. Maybe. Maybe not.

Sometimes you just have to have faith that everything will work out – There are many paths to the destination.


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