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Our Craziest Moments Sailing Around the World

This is the big HONEY! 100 Episodes! Wow. We can’t believe it! A huge thank you for following our crazy adventures, subscribing and supporting us as we get up to all sorts of craziness. Ash and I sat down the other week and had a chat about what on earth we could share with you for our 100th episode. So we did a brainstorm. Like a real brainstorm. There’s over a hundred sticky notes on the wall of the stupid and crazy experiences we’ve had since setting sail. Only a few made the cut 🙂 Some were in the lost years – before film and others, really although they felt crazy in our memories, were kinda boring. But in the end we found some of our favourite, scariest, craziest moments and through this video wanted to re-share them with you with a little explanation.

Do you think we’ll ever be able to apply for another job with that thumbnail out in the wild? If we hadn’t already, we may have just put the last nail in the coffin!


Mike Hatcher
November 12, 2019

When will you guys come back to van island for a visit ?


Stephen Tracy
November 11, 2019

Just saw your fishing video. You should reach out to Altan and Bruce from


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