Live Your Dream. Sail around the world.

How to Sail Around the World

There’s lots of ways to sail around the world. If you’re racing, you often use storms in the southern ocean to propel you along. It’s a completely different approach. One that requires serious boats that are built for those conditions. We on the other hand sail around the world by staying more or less in the trade wind belts. This stacks the odds in our favour. We often have the wind and waves behind, pushing us along and stay warm in the non-stop tropical conditions. Although it may seem crazy to sail around the world, it’s not once you analyze the various wind patterns and hurricane seasons. With a bit of planning it’s quite reasonable for anyone with a sense of adventure to do the same. 

Be bold. Be Brave.
Ben & Ash

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September 18, 2019

Hi Ben and Ash! My wife and I are inspired by your videos! Please keep them coming. I was also inspired to write a Haiku for you that you may freely use for T-shirts, posters, etc.

Chasing the Summer
Twin hulls reach over crystal
Sailing Nahoa

Brian & Trixy Boardman


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