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stuck & SWARMED by BEES…

El Nido in the Philippines has a bylaw which forbids all single use plastics (bags, straws, food packaging). Even water bottles were banned on all the tourist tours. I’d say that’s pretty progressive for a developing country and honestly much further ahead than, for example, our home town in Canada. That said, currents and tides transport these plastics from far away and inevitably they end up on the windward beaches. Beaches that few see. It’s the sad reality out. Our adventures continued on the west coast of the Philippines where few cruisers anchor partly because of the deep anchorages. 25 to 35 meters was the norm. That’s a lot of chain to pull straight up for the windlass (the electric motor that pulls up the chain). As a result, we found ourselves having to freedive, dive and generally get creative in how we got our anchor back up.


July 19, 2019

How do I contact you both
[email protected]


Al McClain
July 16, 2019

I love how Ash cowered inside the screen during the bee onslaught. Ash, the picture of you posing behind the screen is picture worthy. Thx for all the videos and the privaledge to support your venture! Al


Kevin Bowman
July 15, 2019

Had to kill the bees? Should have tried water and whatever google suggests, but you killed such an important piece of the chain. : Kevin B


Chris A.
July 15, 2019

This was the episode that freaked me out! Ash has it right. Hide from all the bees! Love Nahoa. I am a bit behind the seemingly “normal” cruisers as I am now 43 and just starting to save for my own 43 to 46 foot cat. Absolutely love the content you provide! Vielen Danke!


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