Live Your Dream. Sail around the world.


What causes someone to sell everything and embark on an expedition to sail around the world? Be at the risk of pirates. The ravages of storms in the middle of the ocean. We’re not much different than you. We make love. We fight. And we have dreams. The only difference is we acted on one dream. The crazy dream of sailing around the world.

It’s only natural to ask why would anyone give up the security of their home and job? Leave family and friends.

March 2008. We got the news. Ashley’s father had stage 4 cancer. Terminal. Life expectancy between 4 to 6 months. From having the perfect life, nearing retirement with 4 kids and loving wife to dead within 12 months at the young age of 52. It was a hard time. It was the biggest wakeup call of our life:

Growing Old is a Privilege Denied to Many.

Dreams are a funny thing. They’re exactly that. Just a dream. Until you act. And acted we did. For the next 7 years we worked like crazy. Started businesses. Consulted. Hustled. Scrounged. Sacrificed. We saved every penny. Then we sold up. Sold the house, car. Even the winter clothes went out the window.

We hope that thru our adventures we can inspire you to take that leap of faith and follow your dreams whatever that may be. If we can make it happen, so can you….


Also known as the Admiral on this vessel. Brought up on the rugged west coast of Canada, she was exposed to boating at a very young age. That progressed into racing small sailboats to crewing on larger yachts as she grew older. She claims to have beaten Ben at racing Lasers but memories can be fuzzy. Life did speed up as it usually does. There was Computer Science degree to attend to and subsequently a full time job at a software company. That same job lasted ten years. She went from writing lines of code in the programmer “pit” to eventually the jet-setting manager. Often times spending weeks and even months in Europe as the company expanded. You could call it a software startup. A couple years back she took a sabbatical. Some might call it retirement. Time will tell. These days she is boat chef extraordinaire when not tending to the sails, undertaking ridiculous sewing projects, doing a little yoga on the foredeck before cleaning or fixing. She cooks one mean Jerk Chicken.



Also known as the Captain. He is in command of this ship (or so he thinks). Ben grew up in Germany until his very early teens when his Family immigrated to Canada. It was a magical time. A wild-west of sorts compared to civilized Germany. Not that Canada is not civilized. His family always seemed to have boats and he enjoyed being out on them any opportunity he got. He also started racing small boats and ended up competing against Ashley (she did beat him but no need to mention that to her). During the summers, Ben and Ashley would both teach sailing at the local Yacht Club. It was really the perfect Summer job. Sit in a boat. Get a tan and direct children around a course with a sequence of whistles. At one point Ashley decided to make a move on Ben during a summer sailing regatta. He was a bit frigid but she was persistent. Eventually they started dating and the rest is history. Similarly, Ben also took a degree in Computer Science and got a job in the GIS world (mapping). He enjoyed the challenge but being stuck in a cubicle was not his cup of tea. One thing led to another and eventually he started his own consultancy. Ben used to work from the boat for a software startup that he has cofounded. Now he’s a full time YouTuber…is that even a profession?